Anexa International LAw Academy

  • About Law Academy

    Law Academy is a Unit Anexa international in this law Academy we helped to law students and provide Free Law advice to needy people.

  • Faculty

    Professional faculty for the judiciary Classes and BA. LLB and LLB Classes subjects coaching Classes.

  • Free Legal Advice

    Free Law Advice to Needy Candidates by Professionals
    Timing- Sunday 3-6pm Only

Move Forward With Your LAw Education

Objectives of the Institute :Best way to give law education at institute. .

1. State Wise Preparation.
Delhi, UP, Haryana, Himachal, Punjab,Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, MP, Bihar ect
2. Current affairs GK classes.
3. Main subjects + Basic subjects.
4. Different batch for different State laws or local laws.

We gave complete study material and helpful notes to our students.We provide the best coaching for semester exam coaching for law. We prepare students for online test series for exam and provide the best law tutorials.