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Objectives of the Law Academy : our aim provide free Legal help to Needy People

1.Advice of being arrested
2.Advice for divorce or separation
3.Advice for property cases
4.Advice for bail applications.
5.Advice for All family cases
6.Advice for Divorce cases
7.Advice for 498 A
8.Advice for Disputes with neighbours
9.Advice for relationships and children cases
10.Advice for maintenance from Huband or others
Finance Cheque Bounce,Child Custody,Civil Consumer Court, Banking,Corporate,Criminal,Customs & Central Excise,Cyber Crime,Divorce,Documentation,Family, LawLabour & Service Landlord Tenant,Medical Negligence,Motor Accident,Muslim Law,Property,R.T.I Recovery

We gave Free Legal Advice to Needy Candidates by Law Professionals
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